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Reconstituted Sandstone Wall Tiles - Cladding - Stone on Render
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Sills and Keystones

True FACTS – Our lightweight stone tiles are under 36kg per m2 and less than 30mm thick,
average weight 4kg each and less for cornerstones ...and you can
cut, grind and chisel it like natural sandstone......

Australian Lightweight Reconstituted Sandstone Handmade Since 1988

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Stone Houses

It is far easier and cheaper to build your home with hebel veneer (or brick) and finish with
stonefacing tiles to your own design

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Cornerstones on Brickwork
A multitude of uses with our stone products...
INTERIOR: fireplaces – bars – feature walls. EXTERIOR: garden walls – letterboxes – feature walls – whole of home – cornerstones – sills - keystones

Old home- NEW DESIGN

Look at how this home has been lifted into a new design standard with beautiful cornerstones and caps over a rendered wall.

A Classy Update:
Look at the difference now from brick/render to a great
sandstone finish.

sandstone tiles NSW

sandstone tiled home

Australian reconstituted lightweight cornerstones

to suit beautiful front door
entrance, job done in 1999

Photo taken in October 2009.

Lightweight Reconstituted Sandstone

248mm cornerstones with ample colouring imitating the real stone look over the rendered brickwork of an older style home, doesn’t this bring this home up to a very stylish modern look.

sandstone feature wall

Look at this magnificent
entrance wall

Built from concrete blocks
as a base to cover with our

beautiful 215mm stonetiles
and matching cornerstones.
At low cost but very high in
quality and style.

Reconstituted Sandstone

These are brick columns that were renovated now with our stonefacing 215 mm tiles.

This is a cost effective way to achieve a high quality look.

The cost is aproximately 25% of real sandstone.


Reconstituted Sandstone

Our products are designed for easy cutting and working, from which they will continue to cure and harden over a period of up to 24 months, becoming part of your wall etc.

Our stonefacing tile can be applied over, brick, block, concrete, blueboard, hebel, wood, styrene etc.

Reconstituted Sandstone

Look at this beautiful wall in restaurant in Hampden Ave Turramurra. Several feature walls with lights to enhance stonetiles and cornerstones done throughout. Also a servery and side unit below glass cabinet.

All done in drystacked and worked stonetiles to suit.

Reconstituted Sandstone

This new home is a brickwork rendered home using our 248 mm corner stones as features on every corner.

Capping being used on all garden beds and fountain at front of home.

This gives the rendered look more character and creates a modern looking home.

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