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Q..What is product made from.
A…Cement-sand-polymers-oxides and other ingredients developed by our business since 1988

Q..How long will it last, what is guarantee.
A…Our guarantee is the length of our product on walls to date which is since 1990 with no complaints.

Q..If product is faulty will it be replaced.
A…If that ever happens yes.

Q..Will it withstand the weather, will it wear out.
A…Being a cement based product it keeps curing up to 2yrs, and can be treated with silicone impregnated into surface to stop water and pollution soaking in. They are up to 30mm thick only.

Q..Will tiles fall off after a few years.
A…Not if correctly tiled, that is notch trowel adhesive onto wall, then put a thin layer across back of tile, place onto wall and slide up and down and side ways, this will give 99% fixture.

Q..What surfaces can you put product on.
A…Brick – render – concrete blocks & slabs – AAC hebel – blueboard – cement sheeting.

Q..What glues to use for tiling, do you have to mechanically fix tiles like normal stone.
A…We use a one part rubber based glue ATLAS “ADDFLEXTRA” which has been approved for our……tiling systems, just follow simple directions on bag for mixing with water.

Q..Is the colour of tile on surface of tile only, like most cement products coloured with oxides.
A…No our colour is right through tile, that's why you can cut and work it like natural stone, saving on wastage, it does not have gravel or such as fillers that become exposed when you cut the tiles.

Q..Does the colour fade.
A…No our products are light in colours and don't have dark colours that fade in our harsh Australian sun.

Q..Colour variation
A…Natural sandstone has several colours, thats why our stonefacing is matched for heritage work. Unlike limestone which is generally cream only, from a distance looks like render.

Q..Do we have one size only, say concrete blocks type 390mm x 190mm
A…No there are varying sizes to make stone look natural, a concrete block size does not look good when you are a distance away, it just shows all the one size like a factory wall, which they were developed for.

Q..How do you space the product.
A…You can cut 10mm flat pieces of timber in strips and place onto top of tile with the two tiles above sitting on the spacer, this helps to self level, you should check every three rows to realign if need be.

Q..Do you supply grout product.
A…We have our own grout to supply you which can be either OFF WHITE or SANDSTONE colour.

Q..How do you grout tiles.
A…Easy, we have a gun that you can use on large jobs, our special mortar is easily mixed using a speed drill and paint mixture tool. Follow grout lines with nozzle easing grout into joint, then waiting half an hour to let slowly go off, run a plastic gloved wet finger along joints to compress grout into joint and leave a finished grout line to dry.

Q..What about internal feature walls for grouting etc.
A…You can buy Bostik Beige grouting silicone to use with 7mm grout line.

Q..What if you get tiles dirty when applying adhesive and grouts.
A…Let dry for a day then you can pick off with a screwdriver or sharp instruement, try never to wipe adhesives or grouts across face of stone tiles.

For 215mm lightweight stone tile

So you have two walls A & C at 8 lineal metres each and two walls
B & D at 12 lineal metres each,  total = 40 lineal metres

And your wall height is 2.475 lineal metres, as below (side elevation drawing)
So multiply this amount 2.475 Lm. high  x  40 Lm. long  = total  99 m2

There are 4 external main corners, measure each for lineal height.
On floor plan there are 4 main corners
                      by 11 pieces each  =  44 pieces

Each corner/piece has a coverage of .087m2,
(so multiply) x 44 pieces = 3.83m2
(Then take out of total amount so you don’t pay twice)

Next…On each wall you have window and door openings so measure each one by height and width to get metres square.

Now total amount of all windows & doors plus cornerstone coverage.
Lets say there were 10 windows and 4 doors that came to 25.17m2 plus 3.83m2 corners  Total overall takeout. 29m2….now take this away from 99m2 wall length

                 Quantity For
215mm lightweight product     =  70m2 of Stonefacing wall tiles.
            For this home                 +  44 pieces of Cornerstones.
                                              Also…7 bags adhesive and 7 bags of grout